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Robbie Pack WAUBBIE the CLOWN

Whether in clown costume or “cool people clothes,” ROBBIE’S PACK makes your day extra special. We offer advanced-level balloon sculptures, extraordinary full face painting, unique mica temporary tattoos (tats) or silly clown magic, and even pregnant baby belly painting (painted baby bumps ; ). ROBBBIE PACK and WAUBBIE the CLOWN tailor each event for theme, plus the interests and age range of your guests. ROBBIE’S PACK has years of experience providing consistently professional & dependable, quality family entertainment in Fairfield County and parts of New Haven County in Connecticut. We’re outdoing the competition and ourselves, packing your day with smiles, laughter and satisfied guests.


girl with cat face

Whether full face, cheek, hand, or arm painting; each person is uniquely painted. It is becoming very popular with teens and adults, as well as children. Do you want to be transformed to look scary, cool, handsome or beautiful? ROBBIE’S PACK usually comes with over 50 pictures to stir the imaginations of all your guests including teens and adults.

Pregnant moms, how about having your baby bump painted? It's very relaxing plus makes a great memory & picture for the baby book. Wedding showers are a great time to have some fun eye designs painted on your brides’ maids. Paint, shimmer powders, glitter, metallic pigments, beauty & bling. Wear the eye designs and/or the new painted jewelry line for your special night out on the town.

Special requests are cheerfully considered a reachable creative challenge by this talented face paint artist.


butterfly temporary tattoo turquoise-swirl temporary tattoo

We now offer a brand new kind of temporary tattoos called mica (or “metal”) tats. Most have never even seen them. They will amaze as well as delight guests of all ages. They are hand painted with a special black paint and then set with a variety of unique powders which reflect off the black of the paint. Though most of the powders start out white, when brushed onto the paint, they instantly change “magically” to the color they were destined to become. Robbie has the skill to design unique tats freehand or can embellish stencils. These tats look like shiny colored metal & usually last about one week. Quickly removed with rubbing alcohol, they can also be removed with most creams & oils. Unlike glitter tats, powders don’t catch on clothing, so the color stays much longer. And there's no glitter mess in your home when I leave.


teen with balloon hat

Balloon hats, animals, decorations, action toys, flowers and more. Not sure? I can bring about 60 suggestion pictures. Or ask in advance for me to bring balloon games for you to use while I paint, or for a centerpiece, floor decoration, arch or column to match your theme or even a one of a kind surprise for the special guest.


Stork special delivery

Anyone can send flowers. Why not send some with a twist? Order a delivery for that special occasion (birthday, new baby, promotion, Valentine) or just to let them know you care. ROBBIE’S PACK can deliver any twists you see on this site or a
new creation for that special someone.


girl blowing bubbles

There are push toys for the tots, giant bubbles for the teens, and everything in between. Weather permitting, Robbie comes with numerous bubble stations for your guests to create billions of bubbles. There’s also a bubble machine that makes
hundreds of bubbles a minute that’s great for trade shows and picnics.



There’s a child in each of us, just waiting to be entertained. As a face is transformed with color and brush strokes, a shy child transforms into a fierce tiger, a magic trick amazes, a senior citizen recalls a time past, mother & daughter balloon sculpture hats become the latest fashion rage, father & preteen son get unique “matched tattoos,” the workshop group learns to twist balloons, friends race their shooter mice, or bunches of bubbles pop over toddler and teen heads; each of us finds that our day is extra special.

What will ROBBIE’S PACK bring to make your event to make it extra special?



SPECIAL NEEDS ARE NO PROBLEM for ROBBIE'S PACK. They have worked with shy, scared, elderly, English as a second language, Deaf, blind, mentally challenged, physically handicapped, even hospitalized or institutionalized children and adults. From babies to seniors, we haven’t found anyone yet who isn’t smiling by the end of the day!