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About Booking Robbie's Pack

Start Planning

Discuss possible dates, times, location and who you'll invite.

Think about the intertainment that fits your vision & ask your kids what would be fun for them (facepainting, balloons, tats, magic, etc.). 

or ask Robbie for input.

Next Call to Refine your Vision 203-374-1221

Then to book a party, Robbie's Pack will need the following: 

Your name, guest of honor if any, event date, location, time, 

approximate number of guests being face painted,  receiving a balloon or tat or at a magic show.. 

and receipt of the booking fee.

Later, but before the event, of course we will also need the additional information; ie parking, the actual guest count, etc. Robbie will walk you through the process.

Call to Book your Event

You can fill out the contact us form near the bottom of the home page and/or call Robbie's Pack Fairfield for solutions to ALL your party & special event questions.

To lock in your party date call asap!

Call Robbie at 203-374-1221.

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